Your logo is your first impression,
Shall we do it right?

Whether you have a business at the beginning or a business that has running, and you have a desire to create a reliable and professional brand.

Our logo and branding packages may interest you!


Learn the business

A comprehensive overview of all the elements of the business, With an emphasis on the services, the value, the differentiation and your uniqueness.

Creating design language

Colors and choosing fonts that will appear in your publications, and will be a look that is identified with the business and convey the right messages subconsciously. present and current.

Graphic or Illustrated logo

Creating an intriguing, present logo that works, and reflects your business.

Email signature

Another interface with the customer, the email. A signature with the logo and the relevant details, in order to end every correspondence with the client with a reminder of the value of the business.

Cover and Profile

To complete the "show window" of the page or business profile, we design the cover in the spirit of branding in order to give a professional and repetitive feel in the design language.

Templates for posts and stories

Two post and story templates are designed in the selected design language and continue it throughout all publications.

Custom icon kit

Symbols and icons are adapted to the design language for each service that your business provides, with the aim of creating simplicity and clarity on any digital platform.

Landing Page

A focused, clear, helpful and creative landing page. Has relevant and attractive content for generating leads, sales and for any business purpose.

FAQS - Logo and Branding

You get a folder of files that make up a visual toolbox.

The file includes the logo in several formats (PDF, JPG, PNG) for different uses, which I explain in the process.

In addition, the selected color palette, including the names of the selected fonts.

We are also attaching two simulations (mockups) of the logo, adapted to the size of the story and the post on Instagram and Facebook.

The logo in the various formats that we send, adjusted in sizes for immediate use on social networks and for sending the logo for printing on various materials.

The stages of the branding process are:

  1. Introductory conversation and review: a one-hour personal conversation with the client to learn about the business, the services or products it offers, its differentiation and uniqueness, and its vision for the brand.
    The conversation can be done via Zoom or in a physical meeting.
  2. Market Research: Market research in the client’s business area to understand the competitors, the needs of the target audience, and the best way to market the brand.
  3. Concept development: Concept development for branding, including logo, name, slogan, colors, fonts and more.
  4. Creating sketches: creating sketches of the logo and the other symbols of the brand.
  5. Sketch selection: presenting the sketches to the customer for selection.
  6. Revisions: possibility of 3 revisions on the selected sketch.
  7. Completion: delivery of the folder containing all the materials required to work with the brand.

It is important to note:
The theoretical process may vary depending on the size of the project.

The logo is one of the most important assets of your business. It represents your brand, your values and the message you want to convey to your audience.

For your logo to do its best job, it’s important to use it consistently in all the materials you use to communicate with your customers.

Here are some examples of places where it is recommended to place your logo:

Posts and Stories: Add your logo to any post or story you publish on social media. This will help customers recognize your brand and stay updated on your news and events.

Emails: Add your logo to every email you send to your customers. This will help them recognize you immediately and remember your brand.

Invoices: Add your logo to every invoice you send to your customers. This will help them remember you when they pay back.

Digital and physical forms: Add your logo to any digital or physical form you use to communicate with your customers. This will help them identify the source of the form and remember your brand.

Promotional Flyers: Add your logo to any promotional flyer you post. This will help customers recognize you and remember your brand.

Business Cards: Add your logo to any business card you hand out. This will help your customers remember you and stay in touch.

Products that sell: Add your logo to any product you sell. This will help your customers recognize your brand and feel proud that they are using your products.

Promotional Products: Add your logo to any promotional product you give away. This will help customers recognize your brand and become aware of the products or services you offer.

The goal of using your logo consistently is to help your customers remember you and get to know your brand. When your customers see your logo, they should think about your values, the products or services you offer, and the overall experience you provide.

Definitely yes. It is possible to produce a package that is adapted to your needs!

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